A free and modular admin template

Getting Started

Vali is a free and responsive dashboard theme built with Bootstrap, Pug.js (templating) and SASS. It's fully customizable and modular. You don't need to add the code, you will not use.

The issue with the most admin themes out there is that if you will see their source code there are a hell lot of external CSS and javascript files in there. And if you try to remove a CSS or Javascript file some things stops working.

That's why I made Vali. Which is a light weight yet expendable and good looking theme. The theme has all the features required in a dashboard theme but this features are built like plug and play module. Take a look at the documentation about customizing the theme.


Compatibility with frameworks

This theme is not built for a specific framework or technology like Angular or React etc. But due to it's modular nature it's very easy to incorporate it into any front-end or back-end framework like Angular, React or Laravel.

Go to documentation for more details about integrating this theme with various frameworks.

The source code is available on GitHub. If anything is missing or weird please report it as an issue on GitHub. If you want to contribute to this theme pull requests are always welcome.

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